My name is Finlay. I am Australian who lives in Cooroy QLD, I have a longboard, a ute, a moustache and work in a factory.
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I think sometimes I forget that I am worth more than the price tag people stick on me. I am more than an option b, or a back up plan.
I am a “holy shit how did I ever get to be so lucky?”. And fuck anybody who disagrees.

The only decent photos I took this Easter long weekend. 11 of us went camping at Burrum Heads and we couldn’t have had better weather. Nice and warm with it just cold enough to have a fire in the evening.

A good laugh 4wding, managed to cover about 200m in just under 2 hours. Then it was lunch at the pub before heading out onto the water for some wakeboarding. I can’t wait for the camp video to be made!